Who is Razzman Khaliff?

Date : May 7, 2017

Razzman Khaliff is a mainstay of Pathfinder Society Malaysia and one of the most enthusiastic promoters of roleplaying in my local scene. In addition to pushing RPGs in KDU University College and at various conventions, Razzman is also involved in the live-action roleplaying (LARP) scene. This is my Q&A with him.

Razzman Khaliff Pathfinder RPG Game master

A hypothetical tabletop gaming magazine cover. Design by Razzman Khaliff.


Razzman Khaliff: The Pathfinder Guy

What was your first RPG as GM?

My first RPG as a DM was D&D 3.5.

What RPG sessions do you run?

I primarily run Pathfinder but I have run other games like V:TM, Star Wars FFG and D&D 5th ed.

What is your favourite RPG?

My favourite RPG is Pathfinder because it offers a lot of variety.

Among the characters you have created, which is your favourite? Tell us about the character.
My favourite character is Lyonel Redblade my Half-elf Paladin. He is a very straight-edged Lawful Good guy which annoys the more chaotic/evil members of the group and is only too quick brag about the virtues of his god, Iomedae and the Pathfinder Society.
Razzman Khaliff Pathfinder RPG Game master

Razzman served as a game master at Game Mana, among many other recent RPG events.


Gamer by Night

Who is Razzman Khaliff by day? Who is Razzman Khaliff by night?
By day I am a student and part-time Uber driver and by night an avid RPG gamer.
Tell us the most awkward scene/gameplay situation you had to GM.
The most awkward scene I had to GM was when one of my players committed patricide and then proceeded to cannibalize her father’s remains. This was an evil campaign where the players played as elf-nazis.
That would be my character. *Ahem.*


What advice would you give to RPG newbies?
My advice to RPG newbies would be to not be intimidated by the thick rulebooks we RPGers tend to use and play the game as if you yourself were in the situation that your character is in. In almost any situation anything is allowed and most GMs are willing to forgo the rules a bit for the sake of fun. You don’t need to know everything and often times the other players and the GM are more than willing to help you learn and like most any game you learn the rules as you play.

Razzman is a spirited proponent of the roleplaying community.