Actual Play: The Strings of Fate

Category : Actual Play
Date : June 15, 2019

I first stumbled across The Strings of Fate by Takuma Okada while I was looking through the physical games section on I had picked out a few games for Kai and I to play and we decided to start with this because it seemed the most fun, and also because Takuma was promoting the game on social media a couple days later, reminding us about it.

Plus, not much prep was needed and it stated that it would be less than half an hour long. Short and sweet and the game never promises anything more than that. And that’s what we got.

The Strings of Fate by Takuma Okada

The Strings of Fate is a fictional mobile clicker game that claims to match you with your soulmate. You play facing away from each other, connected by a string, and only allowed to message each other, a word at a time, then more and more words over ten turns.

There are no points, no stats, no one really wins or loses. Kai says it’s a game with procedures but no mechanics.

All Tied Up!

The game required a long piece of string but we settled for a jump rope we found collecting dust in the corner of my parents’ living room. I linked it around my wrist and the other end looped around his dominant index finger, as the rules requested. We proceeded with opening up WhatsApp on our phones and started our chat. We sat far apart, jump rope stretched and facing away from each other. These are screenshots of our session!

The Call…

The final part of this quirky game requires us to turn around, meet eyes and talk. We recorded our 2 minute talk. Here it is below.

The Takeaway?

The simplicity of The Strings of Fate is very alluring. Its structure is well thought out. It builds up from short texts until the moment before we talk, and I felt a tinge of nervousness as though I was meeting Kai for the first time again. It makes you feel the warm and fuzzies and just makes you feel a little extra closer to your partner.

Playing pretend as a wee little plus size rabbit made me feel nervous and a little cheeky. It’s not a serious game, it’s downright sweet and that’s the best part of this mini larp in my opinion.

It’s a nice one-on-one game for when you have a bit of quiet time free! It’s simple enough that you can take the conversation anywhere you want – serious, intimate, anxious, playful, standoffish. A nice bit of roleplay exercise you can use as a warmup while waiting for a larger game to start.

There were many different ways we could have done this. Two strangers getting to know each other, you might be surprised at what the pairing turns out to be!

~ Elisha