Aug 2016 | Roll for Initiative! at All Aboard Publika Station

Date : August 30, 2016
What: Roll for Initiative!
When: Sunday 21 August 2016
Where: All Aboard Publika Station, Publika Mall
Who: All Aboard Community Gaming Centre


Roll for Initiative at Publika Station

Players at the Honour RPG demo at All Aboard Publika Station.


Ready, Coffee, Go! Roll For Initiative!

The tantalising scents of premium coffee wafted up through the main hall of Publika Mall on this fine day in August. The coffee promotion that was sure to draw the crowds, so the local RPG community arranged a series of game demonstrations in conjunction with the fine boardgame folks of All Aboard Community Gaming Centre.

D&D Adventurers League Publika RPG Role Over Play Dead

D&D Adventurers League was represented at one table at Publika.


In addition to the traditional favourites of Dungeons & Dragons and Pathfinder, we also had an eclectic mix of independent RPGs. These were a playtest for the next edition of the Honour RPG and a demonstration of the diceless, kid-friendly Golden Sky Stories RPG. It cheers my heart to see people trying a wider range of game types, and I hope to see more of the same at future demos.

Golden Sky Stories RPG Role Over Play Dead

Character sheets for Golden Sky Stories, where you play magical animal spirits helping humans with everyday problems.