Preparing for Maelstrom LARP 2.5

Date : July 9, 2017

I started this blog last year by blogging about the local Live-Action Roleplaying (LARP) event, Maelstrom II. Now the time has time for the next chapter. That’s why a group of enthusiastic live-action gamers, including myself, spent last weekend preparing for Maelstrom LARP 2.5.

A sweaty band of brothers.


Maelstrom is Malaysia’s own ongoing outdoors fantasy LARP. Last November, I covered Maelstrom II, in which over 20 participants gathered at Sungai Chongkak Park and Resort for two days. The players enjoyed the thrills and twists of a life-action fantasy adventure with mysteries, undead enemies and the clash of foam weapons! Even as a member of the crew, I found myself pleasantly surprised by the exciting and scary twists and turns as they happened in-game. It was literally a breath of fresh air to be directly immersed into the half-scripted, half-improvised plot as the inhabitants of the island of Refuge confronted a supernatural threat.


Preparing for Maelstrom LARP 2.5

Maelstrom has grown considerably from its humble origins and is the largest outdoors LARP in the country. The next event in the series, Maelstrom 2.5, takes place on 15 July 2017 and will have over 30 participants, half of them players and the other half NPCs.

This event will be an ideal starting point for beginning players as new arrivals appear on Refuge following the magical apocalypse known as the Maelstrom. The entire event will be a day LARP, meaning that it will begin and end on the same day. As before, simple outfits and foam weapons will be available for affordable rental if players do not bring their own LARP-compliant items. The fee will cover refreshments but it is a good idea to bring your own water bottle, a towel and a change of clothes. And have some rub-on mosquito repellent ready!


The non-player characters (NPCs) are gathered.


The NPC briefing session was held on 2 July 2017 with more than ten Maelstrom crew members attending. Organiser Sacha Dijkshoorn gave a quick recap of the rules and game plot for several new members of the crew. We went over the characters and events that will be in Maelstrom 2.5, titled “Incursion.” This time the briefing ended in just under three hours – with experience, the crew has gotten better at planning and preparing. Sacha previewed some of the new props and costume pieces. Meanwhile, the crew discussed their plans with one another and gave tips to the new crew members.


Maelstrom Crew: Who’s Who

Sacha (left) discussing costuming details.


Sacha Dijkshoorn, the creator and chief organiser of Maelstrom, has put countless hours of effort and spent his own money to develop a good assortment of costumes, props and safe foam-padded weapons for Maelstrom. He has also translated the Vortex LARP rules from Dutch into English to provide a core ruleset to play by.


Ellesha prepared snacks for the Maelstrom crew.


Ellesha Lee has been a major part of Maelstrom, providing organisation, costuming and cooking support. Sacha is her husband.


The start of the briefing, before everyone arrived. Razzman Khaliff is on the far right.


Razzman Khaliff, a prolific Pathfinder GM, has been part of the Maelstrom crew from the start. He and Sacha, thick as thieves, are the two referees for the Maelstrom LARP.


Do I have an axe to grind? No, I don’t!


And lastly, yours truly, blogging for Malaysia’s gaming community! Looking forward to more adventures at Maelstrom!

You can learn more about the local LARP community at MyLARP on Facebook.

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