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Role Over Play Dead is a blog about how we roleplay, from the first spark that creates an interesting character to the last desperate moments when heroes go down. Here, we'll discuss how we can make roleplaying more accessible, more interesting and more fun.

We'll also be exploring one of the greatest gaming settings of all: Our own world, as mapped from orbit, as glimpsed through the bloody pages of history, as magnified by the power of myth.

When we can manage it, this blog will cover a smattering of tabletop RPG news, reviews and reports. Finally, we'll provide a window on the exciting and dynamic tabletop RPG scene right here in Malaysia.

The Author : Poh Tun Kai

I'm Kai, a lifelong tabletop roleplayer with an abiding interest in making roleplaying more accessible, more interesting and more fun. I read a lot. I write. I've written for MMORPGs, tech magazines, corporate white papers, governmental annual reports and the occasional tabletop roleplaying game. My current gaming scene is in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.

If there’s something you want to know more about, contact me.

Poh Tun Kai

Here, you can browse through all of my posts about roleplaying and related geekery.

How We Role-play

Everybody’s looking for the kind of gameplay that makes their heart beat a little faster, but no two people roleplay quite the same way. My thoughts on how and why people play, and what we can learn from it.

History and Mystery

The world we live in is the richest game setting you can ask for. Whether you’re exploring future landscapes or medieval fantasy worlds, our world’s rich history and mythology provides plenty of inspirations to add flavour to your roleplaying.

Roll Initiative Publika RPG Role Over Play Dead

Actual Play

Yes, there really are people who play this way.

News and Reviews

This is where the blog “sells out” by keeping an eye on the commercial tabletop roleplaying scene, including the larger publishers as well as the lesser-known ones. I also review games and game-related products that I find interesting.

Gaming Scene in Malaysia

We’re a polyglot Southeast Asian nation tangled up in dozens of rich cultures and religions as well as a British colonial legacy. Bustling megamalls, colourful street markets, late-night suppers at alleyway food stalls, and an eclectic roleplaying scene that includes organised play, LARPs and surprising homebrews. This is our story.

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