Tabletop RPG Sessions | Malaysia

A glimpse into the tabletop RPG scene in Malaysia, where pencils, dice and character sheets are our tools of choice. We use the power of the imagination to explore worlds and dramatic storylines. We play RPGs: Anything from Cthulhu Dark to Golden Sky Stories, from Everyone is John to Pathfinder, from Dungeon & Dragons to Shadowrun.

Miniatures & Model Kits | Malaysia

The sci-fi, fantasy and historical miniature and model hobbies are on the rise in Malaysia. Driven by fandom and love for art, local hobbyists collect and paint everything from Tamiya models to Warhammer 40k wargaming miniatures.

Boardgames & Cardgames | Malaysia

Never a dull moment when Malaysians get together to play board games and card games. The gaming scene includes tournaments and game marathons held at stores, malls and convention halls. Azul, Shadespire, Magic: the Gathering and much more…the list goes on and on!

Cosplay | Malaysia

Our Malaysian cosplay community is lively indeed. Our very own international anime and manga cosplay stars include Yugana Sensei Uon,
Rikka BlurhoundAkatsuki Itou and charismatic hijab cosplayer Saakira Izumi. We are obsessively serious about our anime and manga cosplay obsessively. Our Marvel cosplayers are forces to be reckoned with, such us our Parkour-skilled Spiderman hazimoking and our very own cheeky deadpoolmalaysia. Watch out world!

Live Action Roleplaying | Malaysia

Live action roleplaying events are just taking off in Malaysia, and these range from smaller parlour LARPs to the jungle-bound boffer LARP madness of Maelstrom! If you’re prepared to make an outing and get up and personal, you too can take part in a LARP.