RPG Miscellany

Tabletop RPG how-tos, tips and guides for players and game masters, new and old. Useful resources including helpful lists, reviews, gamer humour and facepalm-inducing memes. Anything goes on this board.

Maps & Layouts

Maps condense lots of information about places into handy visual form. You will find these useful to spark gaming ideas and awesome RPG scenarios. From fantasy cities and taverns to old crypts and even historical buildings. Plus mapmaking tips and much more.

RPG Worldbuilding

Visual art is essential for sparking imagination and helping players to visualise RPG worlds. This board has some pretty amazing art to ignite your world building creativity! Where will your story be located? What era? Who are its inhabitants? Governing systems? Does magic exist in your world? Tons of art to help you visually build your world for your players. Create something unique and players will be mind-blown!

RPG Characters

This board contains visual representations of RPG characters that will inspire you to create and put together your own unique character with even its own backstory. What race will you opt for? What are your character strengths and weaknesses? Your weapons or spells of choice? Prepare yourself for some exciting RPG campaigns. No harm in a little visual research =)