Maelstrom LARP 2.5

Date : October 24, 2017

Maelstrom LARP 2.5, a one-day live-action roleplaying (LARP) event, took place on 15 July 2017. Once again, our local live-action gamers ventured into the lush green environment of Sungai Chongkak Park and Resort in Hulu Langat. This time, the stalwart survivors who inhabited the island of Refuge were overwhelmed by a barbarian incursion!


Maelstrom LARP 2.5: Incursion

The LARP had at least thirty participants, player characters (PCs) and non-player characters (NPCs) alike.

Initial briefing.

Sacha and Razzman handled Gamemaster duties and managed the plot, once again.

F&B provided by Ellesha Lee.

The returning players assembled at the “House Wolfsmane” site to begin their part of the story, while other new players would appear later via portal.

A row of cardboard boxes represented the wall of House Wolfsmane’s stronghold…


A New Threat

Sacha briefed a bunch of NPCs on their role as barbarians infected with a plague that unified their minds in a blood-red rage. The Gromar Horde, as the villains were called, invaded through one of the portals connecting Refuge to other floating islands in the world of Maelstrom.

Briefing the horde on the attack plan.

The LARP was spiced up by side-plots involving friendly NPCs. These included Elemental Spirit emissaries, who offered to teach elemental magic. Some cultists of the food god OmNomNom (so they claimed) also visited Refuge.

Cultist of OmNomNom.

As the day went on, the NPC barbarian attacks began to wear down Refuge’s defenses. A mutant horror with tentacles attacked next. This creature was more deadly than anything seen before. Also, the cultists tried to secretly murder and cook some of the heroes, only to be ultimately caught and slain.

The Fall of the Wall.


Through the Gromar Portal

The heroes of Refuge sent scouts through the Gromar portal to learn more about the horde. When the horde overwhelmed the scouts, the other PCs had to go through to rescue them. Soon it turned into a grinding series of battles against the horde. All attempts to capture an infected enemy failed. Possibly because the heroes kept killing infected NPCs.

Ritual to open the Gromar portal.


The Fall of Refuge

As the heroes retreated to Refuge, the Gromar horde followed, with another tentacled horror in the lead. The heroes attempted to use an elemental ritual to close the portal, but they lacked all the elements they needed, and the barbarians interrupted the rite. Soon, Refuge fell for good, and the PCs were forced back to the other portal in a last stand.

Bold last stand!

The heroes had no keystone, but they were able to open the portal using an old trinket one of them had found. Not knowing what fate was in store, they made a desperate leap for freedom into an unknown new island.

And the story would continue another time…

All together now.

Maelstrom LARP 2.5 was a huge success and packed a lot of excitement (and running and hitting with foam weapons) into a single day. I do like these single-day events more, but there are others who want more. And more is coming.

MyLARP logo.

The next Maelstrom LARP event is Maelstrom III: Unearthed. It will be a two-day event on 25-26 November 2017. It’s a great opportunity for new LARP players, so look for more details at the MyLARP Facebook Group.

See the official Maelstrom 2.5 event video here – featuring lots of behind-the-scenes footage.

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