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RPG Malaysia : RPG-friendly game shops

  • Wira Games & Hobbies, Petaling Jaya:

    Located in SS15 Subang Jaya, Wira boasts a wide selection of Warhammer products, and welcomes roleplayers. After a recent ownership change this store is now under the same ownership as RNG Games. One of my favourite hangouts.
  • All Aboard Community Gaming Centre, Petaling Jaya:

    A game cafe with a large selection of board games and card games. Several roleplaying groups (including mine) frequently rent tables here, and the cafe has D&D rulebooks on the reading shelf, including classic AD&D books.
  • The Attic, Petaling Jaya:

    Located upstairs from All Aboard, The Attic is a clubhouse-like gaming space (not a store) for miniature wargaming, model hobbyists and other tabletop games. Reasonable table charges for members and non-members.
  • Cards & Hobbies, Petaling Jaya:

    Although primarily a trading card game store, Cards & Hobbies welcomes roleplaying groups.
  • Comics Mart Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur:

    Sells far more than just comics, including board games, card games, miniatures, collectibles and a selection of RPG books (D&D and other games). D&D Adventurer’s League plays here on Wednesday nights. You pay RM12 to join in and get a drink included.
  • Geniuz Maze, Shah Alam:

    This tabletop game shop caters to card gamers but also retains support for miniature wargaming and roleplaying, a carryover from its predecessor, the now-defunct Dragon GameZ.
  • Hobby Quaters, Kuala Lumpur:

    This hobby shop in Sri Petaling sells Magic cards and provides a place for boardgaming and miniature wargaming. You can find D&D and other RPGs being played here on most Friday nights.
  • Ætheræ Board Game Cafè, Ipoh:

    Located in Ipoh Parade, this café serves the new generation of boardgamers. It is roleplaying-friendly and also serves a selection of snacks.
  • Internet Arena, Kota Kinabalu:

    Despite its name, this Sabahan store offers card games, board games and miniature wargaming.
  • RNG Games, Penang:

    Our northern gaming outpost. Board games, card games, miniature wargaming and roleplaying, with drinks and coffee.
  • The Safehouse, Kuala Lumpur:

    Located in the cool hills of Wangsa Maju, The Safehouse (formerly Spartan Games Arena) supports a wide variety of board games, card games and miniature games (more than just Warhammer). Roleplaying groups are known to play here.
  • TopDeckers, Petaling Jaya:

    This store in Bandar Sunway sells trading card games and offers boardgame rentals. It is quite friendly to miniature wargamers and roleplayers like.

Tabletop gaming blogs

  • Hishgraphics:

    My longtime friend, the northernmost gamer geek in Malaysia, a freelance artist, an academic translator, a kickass Star Wars gamemaster since 1989.
  • Questing GM:

    Hailing from a small gaming tribe hidden in the mountains and jungles of Borneo, the Questing GM is on a quest to search for the long lost secrets of gaming Enlightenment.
  • Experimental Playground:

    The design blog for the made-in-Malaysia tabletop RPG, Savage Flower Kingdom.
  • Hiew's Boardgame Blog:

    A blog by one of the most prolific boardgamers in Kuala Lumpur. Reviews, opinions and more.
  • Zedeck Siew's Writing Hours:

    Small ghost stories and RPG material from Zedeck Siew, inspired by Malaysian culture.
  • Unpossible Journeys:

    Formerly known as Learn to Play Tabletop Roleplaying Games. One of the best resources for learning about tabletop RPGs.
  • Age of Ravens:

    Lowell Francis' blog lovingly chronicles the histories of roleplaying genres.
  • Yaruki Zero Games:

    Ewen Cluney designs roleplaying games with anime influences and lightweight rules mechanics.
  • The Angry GM:

    Opinionated, profane and sharp advice for running D&D and other games.
  • Shut Up & Sit Down:

    Tabletop board game reviews and the occasional RPG.

RPG Malaysia : FB groups and pages

  • Gamers of KL:

    A tabletop gaming group started by some of my friends. A lot of discussion about RPGs other than D&D.
  • Pathfinder Society Malaysia:

    The home for organised play of Pathfinder RPG adventure paths in Malaysia.
  • RolePlaying Gamers of Malaysia:

    An active community for discussing RPGs other than D&D.
  • Dungeons & Dragons in Malaysia:

    The main discussion group for all things D&D in Malaysia. Active and full of friendly gamers. While the old D&D Malaysian Adventurers League is no longer active due to the change in how organised play is supported, many of the same people are still active in this group.
  • MyLARP - Malaysian LARP Community:

    The group for keeping in touch with our local live-action roleplayers. The primary place to discuss Maelstrom, a genuine boffer LARP held in the Selangor area.
  • Sabah’s Tabletop Community:

    For discussing tabletop gaming in the state of Sabah.

RPG Malaysia : YouTube channels