RPG Malaysia : RPG-friendly game shops

  • Wira Games & Hobbies, Petaling Jaya:

    Located in SS15 Subang Jaya, Wira boasts a wide selection of Warhammer products, and welcomes roleplayers. One of my favourite hangouts.

  • All Aboard Community Gaming Centre, Petaling Jaya:

    A game cafe with a large selection of board games and card games. Several roleplaying groups (including mine) frequently rent tables here, and the cafe has D&D rulebooks on the reading shelf, including classic AD&D books.

  • The Attic, Petaling Jaya:

    Located upstairs from All Aboard, The Attic is a clubhouse-like gaming space (not a store) for miniature wargaming, model hobbyists and other tabletop games. Reasonable table charges for members and non-members.

  • Cards & Hobbies, Petaling Jaya:

    Although primarily a trading card game store, Cards & Hobbies welcomes roleplaying groups.

  • Comics Mart Midvalley, Kuala Lumpur:

    Sells far more than just comics, including board games, card games, miniatures, collectibles and a selection of RPG books (D&D and other games). D&D Adventurer’s League plays here on Wednesday nights. You pay RM12 to join in and get a drink included.

  • GeniuZ Maze, Shah Alam:

    This tabletop game shop caters to card gamers but also retains support for miniature wargaming and roleplaying, a carryover from its predecessor, the now-defunct Dragon GameZ.

  • Hobby Quaters, Kuala Lumpur:

    This hobby shop in Sri Petaling sells Magic cards and provides a place for boardgaming and miniature wargaming. You can find D&D and other RPGs being played here on most Friday nights.

  • Internet Arena, Kota Kinabalu:

    Despite its name, this Sabahan store offers card games, board games and miniature wargaming.

  • RNG Games, Penang:

    Our northern gaming outpost. Board games, card games, miniature wargaming and roleplaying, with drinks and coffee.

  • Legacy Games, Penang:

    A place where drinks and games collide in Penang. Known to host RPGs like D&D.

  • Tabletop District, Sunway:

    This store in Bandar Sunway sells trading card games and offers boardgame rentals. It is quite friendly to miniature wargamers and roleplayers.

  • 25C Art & Hobbies, Petaling Jaya :

    25C Art & Hobbies has public tables as well as several private rooms for rent, making it a good location for hosting RPG sessions, parlour LARPs and boardgaming. 25C is operated by the Comic Fiesta organisers and serves as a centre for anime, comics and games (ACG) fans for their art and craft workshops and activities. It also stocks some tabletop games and miniatures, art supplies and ACG merchandise.

  • Alexandria Bookstore, Johor Bahru :

    This store in Nong Chik Heights caters to boardgamers, cardgamers, wargamers and roleplayers. Also offers Gunpla and book rentals.

  • Gen Board Boardgame Cafe, Johor Bahru :

    A boardgame cafe in Austin Heights, Johor Bahru with a focus on building community and game culture. They’ve been known to host regular RPG sessions (D&D, Werewolf).

  • Takaro Boardgame Cafe, Kajang :

    This shop is known for its signature snow ice and is open to hosting RPG groups. They charge table fees per person, per entry.

  • Time To Game, Kuala Lumpur :

    Time To Game lets gamers (including roleplayers) pay per entry and play all day. Video games are strictly not allowed.

  • Tabletop Boardgames, Kuala Lumpur :

    This boardgame cafe charges per entry per person, and players can leave anytime and come back to keep playing on the same day. Membership means you pay less and can enjoy special discounted Member’s Day gaming on the first Friday of a month. Open to hosting RPGs.

  • Fullwolves Boardgames Cafe, Johor Bahru :

    This cafe in Austin Heights, Johor Bahru features private rooms and is totally cool with role-players.

  • Meeples – European Boardgame Cafe, Subang Jaya :

    This well-stocked boardgame establishment in SS15 Subang Jaya benefits from a deep shelf of rental games and beer on the menu. Role-players are welcome.

  • MOE House at Asia City, Kota Kinabalu :

    This shop is friendly to roleplayers and has always provided a place for Warhammer players, Vanguard and Magic The Gathering.

  • Frontline Games in Paramount Garden, Petaling Jaya :

    Two private rooms for rent, available for any game system players bring in (ie. wargames, boardgames, RPG sessions, etc).

  • Just a Game Shop, Hartamas

    This Hartasmas shop carries popular tabletop staples – wargaming miniatures, boardgames and cardgames. They also welcome roleplayers – they don’t judge!

  • Amenic Film Space, Petaling Jaya

    A comfy film, pastime and event space with full HD projectors and 5.1 sound. I have good word that the space is ideal for roleplaying too.

  • Vivae Board Game Cafe, Damansara Utama

    This cafe for board game lovers has held several RPG events and plans to have in-house D&D activities. A venue to keep an eye on.

RPG Malaysia : Game Designers

RPG Creations and Hacks

  • Various micro-RPGs by Ben “Flowers Chong:

    In Hello World, robots build nukes and discover their feelings. In How The Goblins Stole Grunchmas, Goblin detectives try to save Goblin Christmas. And in the upcoming By Their Grace, By Their Blood, heroes vanquish evil with song during the moments before the Apocalypse. Downloads pending when Ben’s site is up.

  • Magic Swords:

    You play sentient magic swords escaping a prison in this microgame written by Ben Chong, based on Honey Heist by Grant Howitt. Downloadable here.

  • Stargazer 2e: Tactical Fantasy :

    Alif Hilman’s latest iteration of his tabletop fantasy RPG designed with a rich and interesting combat system in mind.

  • Archipelago – A Guide to the Islands of Blue Planet :

    A setting supplement for the first edition of the Blue Planet RPG, with characters, locations and plots for the Pacifica Archipelago. Malaysian contributor Kai (me) wrote the introduction story, “Easter.” It was one of my few modest efforts at capturing the atmospheres and moods of Blue Planet.

  • Blue Planet RPG – Moderator’s Guide :

    Malaysian contributor Kai (me) provided several sidebars and adventure seeds for the Blue Planet 2nd Edition Moderator’s Guide.

  • Demon City (pending):

    Demon City, a supernatural horror RPG set in the decaying and corrupt urban settings of today, was successfully Kickstarted in 2018. It features a stretch goal that adds material about Southeast Asian magic by Malaysian contributor Zedeck Siew.

Under Development

  • Zoopolitan Future Blues:

    My current project, a microgame about furry detectives in a dystopian mega-city. Work in progress, download pending.

RPG Malaysia : Blogs

  • Diari Seorang Pencuri:

    The in-character, Malay-language Dungeons & Dragons diaries of Hani Amy Suraya, a writer based on Malaysia. Also see The Natural Ones in the YouTube channels section.

  • Hishgraphics:

    My longtime friend Khairul Hisham is the northernmost gamer geek in Malaysia, a freelance artist, an academic translator, a kickass Star Wars gamemaster since 1989.

  • Questing GM:

    Hailing from a small gaming tribe hidden in the mountains and jungles of Borneo, the Questing GM is on a quest to search for the long lost secrets of gaming Enlightenment.

  • Experimental Playground:

    The design blog for the made-in-Malaysia tabletop RPG, Savage Flower Kingdom.

  • Hiew’s Boardgame Blog:

    A blog by one of the most prolific boardgamers in Kuala Lumpur. Reviews, opinions and more.

  • A Thousand Thousand Islands:

    The Patreon account of Mun Kao, an illustrator, visual artist and game designer, creator of POLITIKO. Mun Kao is researching Southeast Asian folklore and history to create his visions of a fantasy world rooted in our regional cultures and stories.

  • Razzman’s Gaming Blog

    Razzman Khaliff, a mainstay of the Klang Valley gaming scene, recorded numerous Vampire, Legend of the Five Rings, Pathfinder and D&D sessions in his blog. Notable for its coverage of the finale of the 2015 Vampire LARP.

  • Vick’s Hangout

    Self-professed gamer, writer, Evil GM and IT enthusiast. Also, in the finale of the 2015 Vampire LARP he earned the title of Camarilla Prince of Kuala Lumpur.

  • Zedeck Siew’s Writing Hours:

    Small ghost stories and RPG material from Zedeck Siew, inspired by Malaysian culture.

RPG Malaysia : Systemless or System-Agnostic Malaysian Creations

RPG Worldwide : Blogs

  • Unpossible Journeys:

    Formerly known as Learn to Play Tabletop Roleplaying Games. One of the best resources for learning about tabletop RPGs.

  • Age of Ravens:

    Lowell Francis’ blog lovingly chronicles the histories of roleplaying genres. Recently Lowell started publishing this series on The Gauntlet Blog.

  • Yaruki Zero Games:

    Ewen Cluney designs roleplaying games with anime influences and lightweight rules mechanics.

  • The Angry GM:

    Opinionated, profane and sharp advice for running D&D and other games.

  • Brandes Stoddard:

    A wellspring of roleplaying theory and design ideas (mainly for D&D and LARP). Brandes is also a creator of 3rd-party 5e supplements and you can find lots of free content as well as links to his commercial work.

  • Shut Up & Sit Down:

    Tabletop board game reviews and the occasional RPG, with humour and personal taste.

RPG Malaysia : FB groups and pages

RPG Malaysia : YouTube channels

  • The Natural Ones:

    Actual Play videos of a Malay-language D&D group, on Hani Amy’s YouTube channel. The channel also features plenty of computer gaming videos.

  • GamerZakh:

    Malaysian YouTube creator specialising in computer strategy game videos.

  • Ashentric:

    My friend Ashentric is a veteran Shadowrunner and a mildly eccentric computer gaming geek.

  • OneRudeFlowers:

    Roleplaying geekery and more with gamemaster Ben Chong.

  • MrEngineer:

    Serious scale model building and modifications, with lighting and more.

  • Syafiq Ibrahim:

    Gamer and animator Syafiq has various animation videos and actual play recordings on his channel, among other things.

  • Questing GM:

    This longtime GM from Sabah now shares his thoughts on RPGs on this channel.

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