Jan 2016 | Game Mana?! at Pesta Selangor

Date : January 30, 2016
What: Game Mana?!
When: Saturday-Sunday 16-17 January 2016
Where: One Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama
Who: All Aboard Community Gaming Centre



On a weekend in January 2016, the local RPG community teamed up with All Aboard Community Gaming Centre for Game Mana. The event introduced tabletop games to the public at the popular One Utama mall, the largest shopping mall in Malaysia. This was part of the Pesta Selangor fair, which featured activity booths, promotions and even mixed martial arts.

Introducing Games to the Public

I got a chance to join in one of the D&D 5th Edition game demos, playing the game for the first time! I also spotted some familiar faces in the other D&D and Pathfinder games held for the public.

Gray Ham, the community coordinator for D&D in Malaysia, was active in promoting the game. He personally demonstrated Monster Slayers, a D&D game for children. Meanwhile, All Aboard presented a spectacular Death Star Trench table for the X-Wing miniatures game, among other things.

All in all, it was a successful effort in raising the profile of tabletop gaming in the Selangor area.

Playing D&D at Game Mana

That’s me in the hat.