Dec 2016 | KotakCon 2016 at Publika

Date : January 2, 2017

What: KotakCon 2016
When: Monday-Tuesday 26-27 December 2016
Where: Publika Shopping Gallery
Who: All Aboard Community Gaming Centre

KotakCon, RPG, boardgames, Role Over Play Dead

Tabletop games and geekery at KotakCon 2016!


Hurrah for KotakCon 2016!

Just after Christmas, All Aboard Game Cafe came together with local gaming groups, artists, game creators and vendors to put on the biggest tabletop convention of the year. KotakCon 2016 ran for two days – including the public holiday after Christmas – and featured some of the best of the local tabletop gaming scene.

KotakCon 2016, RPG, boardgames, Role Over Play Dead

An overhead view of the giant boardgame area for kids.


KotakCon 2016, RPGMY, RPG, boardgames, Role Over Play Dead

Roleplaying Gamers of Malaysia (RPGMY) coordinator Gray Ham answers some questions. Gray worked hard on the ground and behind the scenes to help promote and organise KotakCon.


KotakCon 2016, The Warren, RPG, Role Over Play Dead

My first demo session of The Warren was crowded full.


Videos of KotakCon 2016

In case you missed the event, see the gaming action for yourself.

KotakCon 2016 was also a great opportunity for local game designers to get together at a panel to discuss the Malaysian tabletop game market and its challenges. Panelists: Effendy Norzaman, Seh Hui Leong, Mohd Firdaus Mohd Johari, Trixie @ Rojak Culture, Ho Yi Jian and Zedeck Siew.


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