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Vivae Board Game Cafe: 18A, Jalan Ss21/62, Damansara Utama, 47400 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia | 03-7493 4116 |

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  • Heroes (2013), Road to Jannah (201?) by Effendy Norazaman. (commissioned)
  • Boarding Party: The Royal Crook (2016-2017) by (Grand Slam Studios, contact: Scott Tan)
  • Shipping Management Game (2016-17?) by Sharnizan Herman Radzi, 5Star: Hotel Management Game (as well as a Project Management game, a port management game)
  • Money Junior (2017) by Ernest Tan (crowdfund unsuccessful)
  • 8 Bit Inc, Emergency Earth, Escape of the Dead, Galaxy Conquest, Giant Battle, Ninja vs Robot, Oh My Lair!, Planet Run by Jason Sondoh.
  • Buddy Says , Agency of the Year , Deadline by Shez Rosli.
  • Liga Pendekar by (??)
  • Alkhemia the Card game (2017) by Alkhemia 1501 (contact: Alice Tiay)
  • Nnakan by Sunway University graphics design students (2017) (contact:
  • Property Pricetag card game (2018) by Property Pricetag
  • Loot-O by Alex Ong (debuted November 2017) cooperative hex-movement game themed around Rabbits eluding a wolf guardian
  • Vagrant Dash by Hardknock Creatives (debuted July 2017, small batch pre-order July 2018) – chess-like with special powers themed around Mad-Max style desert mobility (contact; Hwa Siang)
  • Club Town (developed 2014-?) by Seh Hui Leong

Under Development (debuted at an TTGDMY meeting)

  • Dr Multitask by Justin Yong (debuted May 2017)
  • Curiosa by Oliver Fournier (debuted May 2017) – tile exploration game
  • Blow: the Job by Jason Liew (debuted March 2017) – drug-saled themed roll-and-move
  • Koraptiko by Ho Yi Jian (debuted March 2017) – political cronyism themed worker placement player elimination
  • Making the Shift by Venus Lim (debuted March 2017) – hospital themed roll-and-move
  • Kantin Wars by Classroom Adventures (debuted Sept 2017) – simple thematic card game throwing food at each other
  • Descendant Empires by Abdul Rahman Ibrahim (debuted October 2017) – space 4x game with diceless combat
  • 1444: Empires of the Archipelago (title pending) by Abdul Rahman Ibrahim (first conceived July 2018) – Inheriting the same mechanics as Descendant
  • Empires, featuring the rise of new empires after the decline of the Majapahit Empire in 1444.
  • Press Rush by Helios Loo (debuted November 2017) – newspaper themed game balancing between publishing ads and news
  • Animal Office by Yung Sing (debuted Feb 2018?)
  • Wardens: A Cosmicist Odyssey (debuted June 2018)
  • The Conversation Game by ‎Krishnan Lakshmanan‎ (debuted June 2018)


  • There is a book called ‘Gambling Games of Malaysia’ (1955) by CT Dobree.
  • Holidays in Malaysia (????) by Tourism Malaysia.
  • Malaya ’41: The Fall of Singapore (2007) by Yasushi Nakaguro.
  • Malaya 1941-42 (1978) by R. J. Hlavnicka, Dennis Skrade, Michael A. Trdan; Excalibre Games
  • Malaya & Burma (1985) by Akira Ishikawa; Hobby Japan.
  • Regimen: the Lions of Bukit Chandu (2013) by Andrew Chia, Abdul Rasyid; Red Tin Bot.
  • Malaya (late 80s-early 90s) by Parkson
  • Saidina, Saidina Upin&Ipin, Sahibba, Sahibba Chuup by SPM Games

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