Blades of the Inquisition: Pilgrims and Poultices

Category : Actual Play
Date : August 4, 2017

What: Blades of the Inquisition Tigranya Heresy, Episode 2 – Pilgrims and Poultices
When: 13 July 2017
Where: Dragon GameZ

Every Inquisitor needs time to rest…rearm…buy drugs…and indulge in secret vices. Official Games Workshop art.


Episode 2 – Pilgrims and Poultices

At the drug lab in the Deep Tunnels, our Inquisitorial agents tried to learn more about Samael’s gang. Helius managed to further gain the Deep Knives’ leader’s trust by giving him one of her religious texts. She convinced him that she represented a new sect that would soon be setting up on Tigranya. Samael was more than happy to provide some basic first aid to the wounded agents and supply his “Tunnel Dust” drugs to Helius’ church (the ritual use of mind-altering drugs is quite common among Imperial Cult sects on Tigranya). Samael then provided a lead on some recent psyker attacks in the area – something for the agents to investigate when they were ready.

The agents noted the intriguing presence of the nobleman Laertes. He was clearly here to do business with the gang, but resisted any attempts at casual conversation. They suspected this would not be the last they saw of Laertes.

Rather than send Helius and her team back down the dangerous way she came, Samael had some of his men act as guides down a different tunnel. On the way out, Jean suffered a serious drug-induced vision in which her dead cousin Samantha appeared to warn her that the secret to the true danger lay in something called “the Inquisitor’s Codex.” Fortunately, the apparition quickly faded and her companions led her on to the exit.

The many facets of the Imperial Cult often involve fire, skulls, deadly weapons and extremely elaborate costumes. Games Workshop art by John Blanche.


The words of the faithful are the mountains. But the deeds of the faithful are the world.

At length, the agents arrived at a cavern filled with ramshackle huts and tents surrounding a building that served as both a shelter for the poor and an Imperial shrine. This was Sister Semira’s Shelter, founded by a former Sister of Battle. In the shrine, the agents encountered a group of well-equipped pilgrims headed down into the Deep Tunnels. Their leader was Father Harkan, the black sheep of the Kanaan noble house. Harkan had thrown in with a group of Rasmekonnen Reclaimer cultists in their mission to find lost religious relics buried in the ice caves below Aduwa. The agents exchanged contact information with the prodigal nobleman in case they might need each other’s assistance someday.

Helius, who knew Semira through their mutual friend Sister Larissa, was able to get an audience with the retired Sister. Helius got into Semira’s good graces through some donations of supplies to the Shelter. In turn, Semira arranged for transport back to Revival City in the upper levels of Aduwa.

By the time the transport truck rolled into the Revival City slum in the evening, the agents had already achieved quite a lot of networking, with new potential contacts in the criminal world, religious factions and even the odd noble. For success in infiltrating the Deep Tunnels and learning about the factions within, battling a higher-tier cult, bolstering the team’s reputation (2 Rep) and expressing their goals and drives, the acolytes marked 4 Team XP – halfway to gaining some upgrades. In addition, each of the agents got their own experience marks and some Salary for their efforts. Well done, in the Emprah’s name!

Chef Roboute is probably played by Lenny Henry of the BBC series Chef!


Out of the fire, onto the Chef’s chopping board

The typical crew of player characters gets 2 Downtime actions per person between operations, and can buy more with their Salary. They might undertake long-term projects to get better gear, acquire assets temporarily (vehicle, expert or some other resource), indulge corruption (see below), or in this case, treat their many, many injuries. Jean had been shot the most of all of them. Helius and Julius each earned their share of Harm 1 and Harm 2 wounds due to glancing bullet hits and shrapnel from exploding Rasmikael cultists.

Prior to the mission, Jean, Helius and Julius tried to find a black-market doctor to help take care of any medical needs they might have. Although they were only Tier 0, their Renown boon gave them a bonus when rolling to get cohorts or services. Since they rolled reasonably well, but were still at a horrifically low tier, I interpreted this to mean they found the best chef in Revival City to sew up their wounds! The beleaguered Chef Roboute reluctantly did his best but the treatment rolls weren’t always that good. This meant that everyone had to spend extra Salary just to pay for the long and grueling hours on the Chef’s operating table!

As befits the grim dark setting of Warhammer 40,000, the characters have to recover from Stress by indulging in their favourite corruption – kind of like in The Darkest Dungeon. For some it might be pleasures of the flesh, while for others it might be heresy or worse. Jean and Julius were drawn to Forbidden Knowledge – poring through ancient texts in some hidden archive within the university district. Helius was all about Dissent – recording wild rants in which she blasted the Imperium for failing to live up to the Emperor’s vision and called for it to be torn down and rebuilt. Quite a few anonymous copies of the recordings found their way to the markets of Revival City that day…

Now, most of the time, indulging in these dark vices will just recover Stress points. But if you roll higher than the amount of Stress incurred, you could overindulge, leading to all kinds of dangerous consequences. We’ll see how that goes in the future.

For now, Jean, Helius and Julius (played by Ian, Ruben and Ezra) sleep the sleep of the just. Until their Inquisitor calls for their services once more.