Behind the Scenes: Maelstrom LARP

Date : November 20, 2016

Maelstrom II, Malaysia’s first and foremost boffer LARP event, is just around the corner (26-27 November 2016). As a member of the Maelstrom NPC (non-player character) crew, I joined the pre-game briefing today.

Maelstrom NPC Briefing, RPG, Role Over Play Dead

Some of the Maelstrom crew at the briefing. Lots of excitement and anticipation, especially for the veterans of previous games.


Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of every successful LARP, there are long and in-depth planning sessions. Here, where we work out how to connect game events with the players’ various missions and goals.

Under the direction of Maelstrom head honcho Sacha Dijkshoorn, we dicussed NPC roles and relationships. After a short recap of the plot from previous sessions of this post-apocalyptic fantasy LARP, Sacha assigned us to two main factions. These factions would provide possible allies and enemies for the players to face during the two-day event.

Monster, Maelstrom LARP, RPG, Role Over Play Dead

Always good to share a laugh with fellow NPCs.


There were also discussions about monster attacks and other special events that would be set up by our hard-working NPCs – plot twists which I won’t reveal here!

Claw Props, Maelstrom LARP, RPG, Role Over Play Dead

Sacha shows off some claw props that may show up in Maelstrom II.


Into the Maelstrom

Suffice to say, if you’ve joined Maelstrom II (or are about to) there are some intriguing turns of fortune in store. But as with any live-action roleplaying event, the best parts of the story are the ones you create yourself.

You can learn more about the local LARP community at the MyLARP Facebook Group. Members are currently discussing plans to get to the Sungai Chongkak camping site, tips on camping out, and more.

Learn more about Maelstrom LARP at the event page.

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