Rolling off to determine the fate of armies. Miniature gamers came from not just Malaysia, but Singapore as well.

Cotton “explosion” effects were produced and contributed by Faizal and his Ardkore team.

Many, many tables featured the towering Imperial Knights, which are becoming common in the Warhammer 40K tournament metagame.

With Faizal Azlan, chief organiser of The Ardkore Open.

Terrain was contributed by many local wargaming hobbyists, although numerous pieces were also loaned by hobby store like Wira Games.

Gunpla build and battle with the Gladius event team, Saleem (left) and Shaz Aziz (right).

I had a chance to catch up with my friend Ian and discuss the state of hobby gaming. Ian is also part of Geniuz Maze, a hobby store in Shah Alam.

Gladius Events Team held a Gunpla Build Off and Group Build at The Ardkore Open, with the winners receiving Gundam model kits as prizes.

Prizes and winner plaques were sponsored by a number of local hobby stores, including All Aboard Community Gaming Centre, Wira Games & Hobbies and RNG Games. In addition, model case maker Defender provided some impressive carrying cases as prizes

A view from above. There were 3 additional tables in an adjoining lecture hall. The organisers are hoping for bigger and better things in the future.

Players recorded scores on paper, but the entire tournament was paired and run using the Best Coast Pairings app.