Before the game, Justin, a visiting journalist from Millennials of KL, conducted an interview with GM Gray Ham. Justin also stayed around to shoot some photographs of Gray running the adventure.

The Dungeon Master of the day.

Samwise feeling crowded out at the back. Don’t worry, he took the journalist’s seat after the shoot was over.

Ben laughing or trying not to laugh!

The adventure began with a motley group of treasure-hunters visiting a tavern in the city of Waterdeep to look for work. They were rudely surprised by a mysterious being known as a Vedelken, who offered a rich prize to the one who could recover a rare relic from the distant Plains of Purple Dust.

Players thinking “come on, shoot the photos faster so we can get on with the adventure!”

Discussing the final details of character creation before the game starts.

Photo shoot just before the game starts.

Our intrepid D&D players (and visiting journalist on the top left).