Fort of House Wolfmane.

The mighty Wolfmane Wall would never fall…or would it?

At the player briefing.

Continuing the briefing.

Showing my war face – about to go into battle as a Gromar barbarian!

War face with glasses and some fake blood.

Sacha briefs the barbarians before the first wave of attacks.

…the first of many, many waves of attacks.

Preparing a nourishing lunch for the LARP participants.

Preparing for a group shot by the main photographer. We had 30-odd participants this time!

Suresh Velu playing a cultist of OmNomNom.

Kelvin Ganesan, a brave veteran of Maelstrom.

Defenders of Refuge at rest.

Another shot of the defenders of Refuge.

Note the dubious Elementalist on the rock.

Greeting a visitor to the fort.

After the battering ram attack that destroyed the wall!

I played an escapee from the Gromar horde, infected with rage-zombie virus. I didn’t last more than a minute in player custody before they executed me.

Dancing to call upon the element of Air, before teleporting these brave scounts on a doomed mission into Gromar territory.

The Air mage performs the ritual to send the SECOND wave of adventurers into Gromar territory… so they could get their butts kicked too.

Group shot of the battle-weary survivors just before they portalled out, abandoning Refuge to the victorious horde.