Fort of House Wolfmane.

The mighty Wolfmane Wall would never fall…or would it?

At the player briefing.

Continuing the briefing.

Showing my war face – about to go into battle as a Gromar barbarian!

War face with glasses and some fake blood.

Sacha briefs the barbarians before the first wave of attacks.

…the first of many, many waves of attacks.

Preparing a nourishing lunch for the LARP participants.

Preparing for a group shot by the main photographer. We had 30-odd participants this time!

Suresh Velu playing a cultist of OmNomNom.

Kelvin Ganesan, a brave veteran of Maelstrom.

Defenders of Refuge at rest.

Another shot of the defenders of Refuge.

Note the dubious Elementalist on the rock.

Greeting a visitor to the fort.

After the battering ram attack that destroyed the wall!