GM Doug running Golden Sky Stories​ RPG sessions at Kaijucon 2018.

Joshua Nicholas Aeria​ running City of Mist​ RPG!

Helping out and doing my part for RPGMY – RolePlaying Gamers of Malaysia​.

Read up more on Pathfinder RPG.

GM Doug, undeniably one of the more enigmatic, entertaining and charismatic among us GMs & DMs at RPGMY – RolePlaying Gamers of Malaysia​.

Night Witches RPG cards printed with Pixajoy​.

You can purchase these cards for print at

Naturally, we had to take a wefie post Night Witches RPG session.

More Night Witches RPG cards printed with Pixajoy​.

You can purchase these cards for print at

…and that’s just how we roll =) All smiles playing Night Witches, a tabletop roleplaying game by Bully Pulpit Games​ of Soviet airwomen at war.

With clear, instructive writing and design by Jason Morningstar​ (creator of Fiasco) and striking visual design by Brennen Reece (The Warren), the book does a great job evoking the WW2 Eastern Front milieu and lets players tell exciting stories of these underdog heroines!

GM Josh, running City of Mist​ RPG at Kaijucon 2018.

The 3rd Cthulhu Dark​ session went over the player limit as we were approached by numerous excited KDU students who wanted to try the last game slot on offer. Some of them had played Night Witches the previous day.

The third time I ran Cthulhu Dark​’s “Screams of the Children” there was a serious body count. Only two of the seven characters came away alive and sane, and only one had ventured to the heart of the mystery!

The second game of Cthulhu Dark​, “Screams of the Children,” was even more action-packed and featured roof-climbing chase scenes and a fiery climax. My old friends Cheryl and Ed joined up for their chance to experience the horror and excitement.

Card layouts done by Elisha using Cthulhu Dark map artwork as well as Victorian token pictures bought from​.

GM Razzman Khaliff​ was running the Pathfinder adventure Hrethnar’s throne, which he described as the scenario he “really wanted to run” here at Kaijucon.

GM Lucas was entertaining participants in the Dungeon World RPG.

We had packed RPG tables on the stage. From left to right, you can see the games run by GM Razzman Khaliff​, GM Lucas, GM Samwise Mui​ and GM Jerry Khor​.

You can find Abdul Aziz​, the creator of this gorgeous game, can be found on Instagram under @azizfaces.

The main floor showcased many local board games, including this beautifully illustrated prototype for Empayar Selat Nusantara, set in a Southeast Asian archipelago by Abdul Aziz​.

My player Marvin drew a sketch of Cthulhu for me!

First session of Cthulhu Dark​, “Screams of the Children.” A group of working women defy a monstrous conspiracy in an attempt to find their friend’s missing child.