Early layout planning for Ech0.

A preview of the digital final version on screen.

Snippet of our 1-on-1 actual play! View full video below =)

Checking how the final layout looks on tablet.

Demo game of Ech0 at AlphaMeets in April, which took 4 players just under an hour!

Map-drawing in action.

Our 1-on-1 actual play of Ech0 on YouTube.

The front image looks pretty good printed in B&W, I do think.

Reviewing the first page.

The third page.

The second page.

Empty hex grid.

With tablet.

Ech0 zine cover designed by Elisha.

A mech in a tree.

Layout notes for the A5 zine.

Zine layout planning!

Zine layout on screen.

More zine layout.

Ech0 drafts!

Gamification advocate Naja Yusoff gets her own zine version of Ech0.

In the workroom.

Iman wants his own copy.

Writing process.

Watch Ech0 being played on Gauntlet Hangouts featuring Rachelle Dube, creator of Dino Wranglers on Kickstarter.

Promotional spread.

Another promotional spread.

KDU game designers at AlphaMeets, playing Ech0.

Map of our one-on-one play of Ech0.

Map detail: Starting cave.

Map detail: The Town of Sharpness.

Map detail: Cultural Hall.

My friend Ivan at Alphameets reads through Ech0.

Freshly printed.

A look inside the zine.

Pages of the zine.

Tables in the zine.

Two designers at AlphaMeets, Cheng and Jaime.

A well-equipped Ech0 table.

Tobi takes an interest in Ech0.

Tobi takes an interest in the photographer.

Rolling on the table.

Referring to the tablet.