Preparing for my demos of The Warren, an RPG by Marshall Miller. The scenarios were both titled Winter in Borealis Wood, although each session had a different premise.

My first demo session of The Warren was crowded full.

Lucky the snowshoe hare perches on top of the dice.

Examining the map of Borealis Wood. The first session involved refugee rabbits from the neighbouring Blackburrow Warren.

Beancurd narrowly managed to escape a waking bear with a perfect roll of 12!

The first session ended with one rabbit crushed under a dead human hunter, three lost to a snowstorm (although one returned alive later) and Lucky safe in a burrow.

The second Winter in Borealis Wood session was focused on helping some lost domestic rabbits to find their way home.

Mozzarella was a diplomat rabbit. He lost his ability to Pay Attention when he was half-frozen in a snowstorm.

Squirmy the hare is trapped in a tight spot.

Leeroyyyy Trump wanted to build a wall to keep out the refugee rabbits from Blackburrow. He said he would “Make Borealis Wood Great Again.” He died squashed under a human hunter that was being mauled by a bear.