A view of the busy game demo booths.

Vendor booths during a lull in the action.

An overhead view of the giant boardgame area for kids.

One small part of the overall gaming area, before the crowds arrived.

All dressed up in my official KotakCon Gamemaster shirt!

Seh Hui Leong of Boxfox games promotes his upcoming deck-building card game, Pasaraya: Supermarket Manager.

Steven Hanlon of Rojak Culture was at KotakCon to promote The Lepak Game.

Another look at the giant Snakes-and-Ladders game provided by FnD mindspot.

The unique role selection rules are a key feature of the Heroes boardgame by Effendy Norzaman of FnD mindspot.

Heroes, a boardgame about disaster risk management by Effendy Norzaman of FnD mindspot.

Meeting with local game consultant and designer Effendy Norzaman of FnD mindspot.

One of the many vendor booths at KotakCon 2016.

The Pathfinder Society Malaysia booth at KotakCon.

Robo Rally was one of the games on display by Comics Mart.

The Warhammer 40,000 table at KotakCon.

The Blood Bowl table at KotakCon.

Roleplaying Gamers of Malaysia (RPGMY) coordinator Gray Ham answers some questions. Gray worked hard on the ground and behind the scenes to help promote and organise KotakCon.

The convention featured activities by #GamersforCharity, with proceeds going to Malaysian Care.

The game design panel featured local boardgame designers (l-r): Effendy Norzaman, Seh Hui Leong, Mohd Firdaus Johari, Trixie Hanlon, Ho Yi Jian and Zedeck Siew.

GM Ben (Flowers) was one of the many volunteers running roleplaying game demos at the convention.

Meeting up with old gamer friends.

With triumphant players of The Warren (Suresh in the middle is happy he died baiting a bear onto a human hunter).

#theneedtosurvive t-shirts at KotakCon. I ended up getting a cat-themed one!

Glad to see good friends at KotakCon 2016.

Meeting #POLITIKO designer and fellow roleplayer Zedeck Siew.

Nick Ong, artist of the Ancalia book for the awesome Godbound RPG by Kevin Crawford!