My first game of Champions of Midgard, a worker placement game similar to Stone Age, except instead of using dice to collect resources, your dice are Viking warriors that you use to slay monsters and collect rewards.

I’m not sure how balanced the different character special powers are in Champions of Midgard. But I won with this guy (and a misinterpretation of how Rune cards work).

Pandemic 1st Edition, played with the On The Brink expansion.

Despite playing the Scientist, I hardly got to cure any diseases. Also, notice the Petri dishes for storing game pieces. This was the best part of the Pandemic: On The Brink expansion.

The catastrophic chain reaction of outbreaks around India that cost us the game.

Pandemic: A good cooperative game for a short session.

Feeling confident at setup. Overly so.

Utter defeat! But how…?