Trail of Cthulhu: Bookhounds of London Episode 2

Category : Actual Play
Date : October 4, 2016
What: Bookhounds of London Episode 2
When: 4 September 2016
Where: Wira Games & Hobbies


Bookhounds Trail of Cthulhu Actual Play RPG Role Over Play Dead

At the regular table in Wira Games & Hobbies.


Wira Games and Hobbies has been very accommodating to our gaming group, setting aside tables that would otherwise be used for Warhammer miniatures so that we have a place to play. Although there is no table charge for roleplaying, there is limited space and we appreciate the generosity.

Bookhounds of London Episode 2, Summary

For the next story arc, I presented our Bookhounds with an exotic Mythos investigation titled “The Curse of the Corpse Flower.”

The premise:

  • A missing young heir apparently resurfaces four and a half years after a disastrous expedition into the interior of Borneo.
  • But the heir is actually an impostor taking advantage of a cache of identification documents burgled from a sinister greenhouse in Woolwich.
  • There, a monstrous cycle of life is being repeated over and over to reap a dark harvest of liveliest awfulness, overseen by the hideous remnant of the real heir.

Due to too much time spent on investigating a minor lead early on, our Bookhounds only managed to reach the second plot point. The most horrific thing in the game was Theodora’s brutal interrogation of the burglar, due to a tragic miscommunication between the player and myself.