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Role Over Play Dead is an outpost in the vibrant and rapidly growing Malaysian roleplaying scene. Here, we review notable games and discuss the myriad ways we learn to play, how we play, and why. We want to promote a kinder, more inclusive roleplaying hobby.

We also celebrate the whole range of hobbies of the local geek community: Board games and card games, live-action roleplaying, cosplay, wargaming and model painting. It’s all gloriously intertwined!

Kai & Elisha

Kai is a geek with a lifelong passion for roleplaying games. Who reads a lot, and has written for computer games, tech magazines, corporate white papers, annual reports and the Blue Planet roleplaying game. He loves Call of Cthulhu and other investigative horror RPGs, and is still proud of that crazy Delta Green play-by-post campaign he ran in 2006-2007.

Kai’s partner in ROPD creative crime, Elisha is a web designer, a graphic designer and a media/pop culture geek, who is continuously learning more about tabletop role playing and Malaysian geek culture. She handles all of Role Over Play Dead’s technical footprint and online presence. She does all this with the help of her cats, Tobi and Iman.

Kai and Elisha met at a Malaysian Doctor Who event and their story began. Role Over Play Dead is their joint passion and they are in it for the long haul 🙂

Got questions about the Malaysian roleplaying scene, or inquiries about copywriting or editing? Contact us.

Why Rabbits?

Kai’s Chinese zodiac is the Wood Rabbit and his favourite novel of all time is Watership Down. The rabbits represent the whole concept of Role Over Play Dead as well. Naturally, Kai’s roleplaying game collection also includes games about rabbits like GURPS Bunnies & Burrows, Usagi Yojimbo and The Warren.



Here, you can browse through all of my posts about roleplaying and related geekery.

This is where I keep an eye on the commercial tabletop gaming business. Here, I play and review the roleplaying games and other tabletop games that catch my eye. I make it a point to cover lesser-known publishers as well as the larger ones.

We’re a polyglot Southeast Asian nation tangled up in dozens of rich cultures and religions as well as a British colonial legacy. Bustling megamalls, colourful street markets, late-night suppers at alleyway food stalls, and an eclectic roleplaying scene that includes organised play, LARPs and surprising homebrews. This is our story.

Roll Initiative Publika RPG Role Over Play Dead

The chronicles of what I’ve played, and what happened along the way. In the future I’ll be adding recordings of Actual Play as well.

The world you live in is the richest game setting you can ask for. Whether you’re exploring future landscapes or medieval fantasy worlds, our world’s rich history and mythology provides plenty of inspirations to add flavour to your roleplaying.

To paraphrase Halt and Catch Fire, roleplaying isn’t the thing; it’s what gets us to the thing. Roleplaying games connect us. They bring us together to act up, dream, create and play. That’s why I like to talk about all the ways we roleplay, the hows and whys.

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@mockman I remember reading the first two books when I was young. Significant other wishes there were good comic books teaching about history, I should get these for her.
9 hours ago
@ithayla I am a baby of D&D (albeit pre-Wizards) and even I agree with you.
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@ithayla @Wizards Cancelled it for the SECOND time. I was there for the first. 🙁
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